Tired of being fat

I was born into a wealthy family where you can get whatever you want; you can go outside and buy anything, whether expensive or priceless.
I was born with a skinny body, but as I grow, my body becomes bigger and bigger, and for me, it's all fine. I don't care what people say, though, because I am enjoying wasting my parents's money on food, and this is what I want; this is the thing that makes me complete.
But it all changes when I start my high school existence. All the students were so mean.And I've gone for bullying. People discriminated against me for being fat; I didn't do anything for them. Why did they need to treat me like that, like I was the biggest predicament?
“You are so fat; get lost.”
The rhythm is constantly playing in my mind. I am now despising myself for being me. 
I woke up every day trying not to eat a ton of food, getting conscious, feeling pressure, and trying to vomit my food after dining.
But no, it wasn't enough; my body was still fat, and they were all still laughing at me wholly.I just cried and cried until I felt the peace inside, but I cried again when I felt the dismay and disgrace I was in. 
But as I cried, I looked at the mirror in front of me, examining my whole body.
Yes, I am fat; I am huge. I am heavy; I am ugly...
I said this to myself with disappointment.
But why would I settle for this if I can love myself as before and start to work with it? 
I gleaned after thinking about that.
You are right, Sabby.
My misery has ended; I am tired of being fat, and this morning, this new life will start to change what I have been through for a long time.
This is the day for me to change into a skinny person again.
I took my towel to get a shower. I feel the water flowing down my body. And feel the freshness of the air.
I was done showering and preparing myself to do my exercise routine beginning today. And initiating myself to do a healthy diet.
I ended my tiredness as a huge person, with good intentions, not a suicidal realization.
I worked hard and achieved the body I wanted—not for people who are segregated against me, but because I love myself.
In every insecurity, there is a remedy; in every sadness, there is a medication. The only thing you can do is love yourself with litigation and determination.
© bebas