The past of mine
There was a girl who always dreamt to work with fairys when she was a little girl then one day she found out she was secretly listening to her parents they were talking about her and they were saying "she isn't our daughter she is dangerous she is the long lost 3of the mafia's and if the mafia's get angry they will kill us". after hearing this Rachel was so sad and angry that she ran away in from her house in the middle of the night some people talked to her but Rachel was sweating then the people's gave her a hand kerchief but then Rachel felt dizzy and fell on the ground and the two people kidnapped her.

Five hours later when Rachel woke up she was tied up in the chair and the two people were staring at her whe the spy got out her gvn she was scared and then his secretary said that sir she is a small girl but the spy said"No". Rachel was scared but then the spy asked them......

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