The Non Writable Fantasy Story
There was once a world where writing was forbidden. Anyone who dared to use words, symbols, or signs to express their thoughts or feelings was punished by the ruthless King Ink, who ruled over the land with an iron fist. He believed that writing was a dangerous and corrupting influence, and that only speech and action were acceptable forms of communication.

The only exception to this rule was the royal library, where King Ink kept a collection of ancient books and scrolls that he had confiscated from his enemies and predecessors. He was the only one who had access to the library, and he spent hours every day reading and studying the secrets of the written word. He was obsessed with finding the ultimate power that writing could grant him, and he was willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to achieve his goal.

One day, he came across a mysterious book that had no title or author. It was bound in black leather and had a silver lock on its cover. The book intrigued him, and he used his master key to open it. To his surprise, he found that the book was blank. There were no words, symbols, or signs on any of the pages. He felt a strange sensation as he touched the book, as if it was alive and waiting for something.

He decided to try an experiment. He took a quill and a bottle of ink from his desk, and wrote a single word on the first page of the book: "Fire". As soon as he finished writing, the word burst into flames and burned the page. King Ink was shocked and amazed. He quickly wrote another word on the next page: "Water". A jet of water sprayed out of the book and soaked him. He realized that the book was a magical artifact that could make anything he wrote come true.

He was overjoyed and terrified at the same time. He had found the ultimate power that he had been looking for, but he also knew that it was too dangerous to use. He decided to hide the book in a secret vault under the library, and never touch it again. He hoped that no one would ever find it, or use it for evil purposes.

But he was wrong. There was someone who had been watching him from the shadows. Someone who had a different plan for the book. Someone who wanted to use it to write a new story for the world. A story that would change everything.

That someone was his daughter, Princess Pen.