Dishonest Fellowship
Now I am just fed up with hollow relationships, I feel like leaving everyone and keeping my distance from everyone. Tried maintaining friendships as well, but when everyone leaves the company, then only friendship kept together, heard a lot, but friends also moved ahead ignoring them, then what kind of friendship the question started to arise? Even today I am searching for the answer but it is of no use because even the friends who answered left me alone.
They used it properly when it was needed, but when it was our turn, some were busy, some were telling their situation, some used to run away after seeing, and some used to ignore even after seeing like a stranger. I stumbled again and again but I did not get wisdom in the dark, even the shadow leaves me, so what are my friends, they could not even become my shadow.
I can't tell my pain to anyone because I don't want to get disintegrated after trusting people, I don't want to be discredited again, people will do nothing except sympathy, but people didn't consider me worthy of sympathy. Be it your own or strangers, friends, or someone else, today I have seen everyone's faces. Everyone has only taken advantage of the innocence. Now, politics has started taking place even in a relationship, friendships, and kinship, where there is a benefit, opportunists stand first, where there is some hindrance, they remove it considering it as a hindrance.
We could not understand the meaning of today's friendship, because we only understand the meaning of old friendship, but there has been a lot of change today and in the past, only then have I got crashed.

#trust #shettered
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