A Letter from the Sky
If somehow all your plaintive pleas
don’t reach my ears tomorrow,
if all sweet dreams you dreamt of me
take shape of grief and sorrow.

If somehow all get crush on you
and they get on their knees,
and you find all pleasures, false or true
but get no more of me.

I wish so much you would not cry
with your nerves so pale and gray,
nor to life you would say goodbye
and slay yourself that way.

For I wish so much to see you live
to see you smile all day,
to discern the love I could not give
before I went away.

So fear no more these worldly sorrows
nor awful twisted words,
rather hear me calling every morrow
with the blended notes of birds.

Feel my touch so calm and soothing
in the warmth of summery sun,
catch my fragrance, strong and pleasing
when the frantic day is done.

And remember one day far from crowd
where the blue sky meets the land,
I’ll be waiting for you, all unbowed
to greet and kiss your hands.
© #Silent_wolf