All alone
کون اس گھر کی دیکھ بھال کرے
روز اک چیز ٹوٹ جاتی ہے
جون ایلیا

Living a Back breaking life,,,
impotently she is unable to write anything
She is too impuissant to scribble what she really feels
Tears betiding everyday but never makes she feel anyone to realize her agony by holding a counterfeit smile on her face Nd people gestate that she's Exultant, happy..
she is surrounded with Umpteen people but whats the fun of having them when a single person can't even sense the intense sorrow behind her bogus smile.
She's craving for that person who would
Ask her
Tum itna Jo muskurarahe ho
Kya gum hai jis ko chupa rhe ho
But alas she's just alone even in the crowd!
She has kept so many pathetic n tragic things I'n her ticker,just waiting vehemently For that pitiful person who really would understand her! Get the picture of Her emotions,her wounds infact her everything!
But How can she look for any person when she is lucid about the thing that no one is going to hold her, grok her nd empathise her To the fullest extent as the world where she lives in is environed with delusory people,people who ultimately leave behind when u need them the most in your life,People who initially try to win your trust Nd then all of a sudden they tame your trust nd shatter your heart into pieces!
"Mai wo kis tarah se Karu bayan
Jo kiye gaye hain sitam yeha......."

Aah! Wanna write further but
"Dil ki baate dil main he
Rehne daite hain"🤭
Jus a little bit Ambivert she is

She has now relegated her case in the care of Allah! With this hope that yeah! One day she's gonna accomplish what she had concealed in her heart!

magar aik pal hai umeed ka
hai mujhe Khuda ka jo aasra
na hi maine koi gila kiya
na hi maine di hain duhaaiyaan

ps:this part of writing has always been my favourite
© Arizoo