love is real
I have fallen in love many times, I've been alone and I know that feeling about loving someone you don't deserve, it hurts ,letting go that ,but when you focus on the good side and not the bad things, you feel different, like there are people that are like shelters ,in life I have seen thousands of faces and when I see that boy,I know that will be together for a eternity, but you might wonder how can I know if that is love ,well there are some things you can notice about that, first one :make sure he is attentive ,he is reliable, confident, smart, not only handsome, the inner beauty is not something to worry about it ,what really matters is what you feel ,the love you show others ,the person you are ,your hobbies, your skills ,your time ,your life ,the things you do for that person .when you believe and you are patient, first remember this ;selflove has to be in your priory always.
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