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on qoutex and for listening pleasures

by Leon Lamb
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Sat, Feb, 24; 6024

An excerpt, from, In Diary Of Xocai Of The Motley Thrones; specifically, one of three written in Haiku, among other poetry and writings—jumped out at me; because of the times and tides.

Picking up the—her diary at the local closing bookstore's grand sale, once the public library. It was sad to see "the old school-house" go. All the good or famous works of 50-50 were gone, so, in scooping up what was left, on Calif, in a weird way fast forwarding its ominous closure, took all of the published writings—with those books gathered throughout my life, storing them on this planet—now back to Ontire; where I was born and unsafe. Yet not always; like the Diary of Xocai—found two-thousand years ago near the Museums of Palpoa and Brado, their Name's old homes—after crossing one of the last asphalt streets of Chiriq, following a once paved path, then slightly left off the path, to what was an Orchard, then a Grove—under the Last Gnarly Tree.

Her book was found. Unknown Coffees and Creams

Of things grown inland
On the Island of Calif
Coffee rains the most

Xocai Of The Motley Thrones
Febru 4024