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Itz juz for myself 😌

Filled with emptiness that leads to outter viewing of life is always something newly developed feelings
it's assuming...✨

I remember it once,
Mr.Computer (my class sir) 😂said;

I've never acknowledge a student for
his/her marks I really appreciate your talent, your innerself...!
but this society wants to know you, so that's why grades are welcomed...🤔
and yeah, that's actually hits right to me,
you define you, by having a name...
but to identify you,
you need a grade...😶

I can't sleep today, as tomorrow my xams 😶 I'm hearing Spotify!
as atlast sir said, backbencher can't never be changed half-jokingly🤙
yeah 😌 no one can change me 😂

but I'll definitely change my mistake
if it's really a mistake😇
as not everything is a mistake because everyone got different accepting, boiling, melting points...😂

And I need to study I'm really an idle,
doing no thing!🤙
so I'll trying my b-e-s-t to ConcEntRatEee!

Good night guys😇

11:50 pm on 7th mar 2022