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~Writer's Block~

What a fancy term
to define the tough moment for
the lover of words?

She was picking up
clouds & setting up the
colorful sky on the tip of her fingers by
picky words &
empathetic heart.
Maybe, it was full
due to which
words started sinking like
old leaves!

Putting life in lifeless too,
Connecting the dots
from scratch with a feeling
that “Have I ever been a writer?”
The burning fire of the passion
was adding fire to the waiting & love.
Maybe, it's the way how
birth of beautiful art
takes place!

She decorated strings
for torn sentences &
half baked poetries to
Isn't it beautiful to wait
with beautiful pain deep down the gut?

What a fancy term to define
the burning fire deep
down the gut?#chayan_says#english #englishstory #WritcoFamily #writcopoet #WriteIndia #writcostory #trending #Hindi