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In the life of my untidy ways,
You dwell, dear one, throughout my days.
A permanent address, you surely be,
Where chaos thrives, but love I see.
Oh, how I yearn to reach your shores,
To settle in your embrace, where chaos soars.
But time eludes, its rhythm unknown,
When shall I find you, my heart's true home?
Like a wandering star in the midnight sky,
I seek the path, as days roll by.
Yet, uncertainty dances with every breath,
When shall I arrive, embrace you, and forget?
But fear not, love, for I shall persist,
Through tangled thoughts and dreams amiss.
With each step forward, I'll search anew,
For the day I find you, my love so true.
For in the messiness of life's grand play,
Our souls entwined, shall find their way.
Through twists and turns, we'll dance and sway,
Until destiny leads us to that fateful day.
So, wait for me, my beloved dear,
In the haven of untidiness, be near.
For I'll come, guided by love's sweet grace,
And together, we'll find our rightful place.