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you may have many undeclared promises with many persons you meet or met far in your life😇✨

you can't say it, isn't a promise, when the word called "promise" haven't used in it...😮

many peoples believes you around
for the words you spell out from your mouth... you can really witness it☺️

as I think everything around is believing in something... it's actually the prettiest thing I ever known...🤩

As someone may promise me to do this, but they may forget it due to unusual account of nothingness....😁

but I'm going to prove them I haven't forgot it yet!😇

because I respect words rather peoples
and I really appreciate it for myself...🤙

and yeah, I respect the words!😎
idk or idc who are you!
the words from you for me ...😉

your Appearances or your status Idk...
but words are damn things that define you...!🤙