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As strangers, when our eyes first met,
It felt comforting, like a warm cappuccino.
Our first meeting, a fleeting joy!
Ephemeral, it vanished like a passing mist.
But leaving a lasting imprint!

My eyes hoped for a meeting again,
So, I waited for destiny to bring us together again.
But, reality doesn't align with my expectations and hope,
So, I let go of the idea of reunion and erased that hope.

Though, I manifested our eyes would meet and in my heart a wish I did embrace,
And the autumn afternoon turned to monsoon evening, just like before.
A gentle zephyr embraced us in it's sway,
The sky seemed cheerful and felt like it smiled.

Accidentally, our eyes did softly meet,
In silent conversation, hearts skipped a beat.
The moment, by chance, our gazes entwined,
Sealed our lips, and silently they connected.

Finally we met once more, you and I,
I know we both waited for this encounter,
For, when our eyed did meet,
It was unknown yet comfy!