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As a human being! we came across many things that we see in someone's behaviour that may hurt you sometimes nor make you happy☺️

we learnt or inherited some characters of others by knowing or unknowing
from others due to situations nor urgent incidents....

According to common sense😂
I think and I hope Common sense is common!🤙 I think I believe 😂

So if you want to treat good, treat the way to wanted to be treated by them🤙
idk who said but it's nice😂

So if someone's thoughts or behaviour makes you happy try to apply plus witness the Feelings you got back✨

and yeah I agree and Everyone is not same,
but speaking majority; it is!🤙

actually I learnt many things, really many things and assuming things in a very short time.... 😃😂😌
it made me really happy and sad too
but still "every thing shall pass on" mode I'm 😂🤙

I may hurt someone
but also I may make happy someone
it's neutral in human life🤙

fine ....I like to end here 😂

good day ahead 😃

I feel sooo good after pouring down here