the last few moments of darkness
universe seems still
the air is damp and chill
birds asleep, begin to stir
all reach the the deepest point of sleep
gentle breeze, ruffles the resting mammals fur
peace is upon us, not a peep
air smells slimmer dew
refreshing scent
of the incoming day’s events, we haven’t got a clue
a world looking innocent
the human rolls over, dreaming sweet
cars parked in their place, taking a slumber
the clock is up on its feet
it’s awake and timing with number
the sky has a glow, a slight brightening
velvety blue, once speckled with stars, fading
the morning dew sprinkled across the lawn
fresh, new
picture perfect, like a painting, but live
pastel colors orange, yellow, green, blu
daytime is soon to arrive
open your eyes
experience the beauty
and watch the sun rise
it’s begun it’s shining beauty