And smoke billows, rising from tear-soaked pillows and I SWEAR I can HEAR the willows weep...
But how do I make it through when all I want is to be alone with you, my heart is bruised with black and blue and this night smells like bleach and violence
Circles the shades of Saturn’s rings surrounding my eyes, they have seen The THINGS, forgive me, oh, Lord, for my slurred words with hell’s beings in sinful misalliance
Danger is in full effect, concepts of health and safety, I solemnly reject, take the venom, poke it through, inject, and never return
Flames where my pupils should be burn, I lack care, common courtesy, and concern, when you will come back is difficult to discern but you always DO, I’ve come to learn
Skin glittering with beads of sweat, I’ll always remember the first time I met you-
In all your glory, crystal clear-
You came and lifted me, let a drop of red smear
And in my chest, I felt your rush, I fell in love instantly, for days I could GUSH, across my scalp, tingles down my back and I don’t feel cold anymore
This vein is an open door, I said I’d never taste you, I promised, I SWORE, but because I HAVE, I want you more and MORE and I can’t sleep at night
I could leave you if I put up a fight because you’re not meant for me, letting you in isn’t right, so out of mind and out of sight, but I can still hear you calling my name
Now, I know that I’ll never be the same, this craving for you is impossible to tame, I’m addicted to the romanticism of a chemical love game and I can’t walk straight-
You are an impure manifestation of Hell’s gate, I should have run from you instead of passing through, now it’s far too late, by filling my blood with you, I have sealed my own fate and now there’s nowhere to turn
And inside, I long for your burn, salivating at the thought of your pinpricked return, my head starts to spin, my stomach begins to churn and I shiver
I am but the taker to your giver, into my red and eaten by my liver, and of hope to get out this, there is only a sliver, I am connected to you
And, oh, dear Lord, how I fervently pray every night and throughout every day that you would give me the strength to just turn away from what I almost feel I NEED
To their words of warning, I took no heed, I thought I held the reigns, could control the feed I administered to myself, now I’ll never be freed of this all-consuming WANT
Right down the hall exists a taunt, I shall consume and consume until I’m skeletal and gaunt, the idea of living without is my utter daunt and I don’t know what to do
Last night, there was but a taste of you and that’s not nearly enough to get me through the dark and shaking, lonely sleep of a woman with a medicated addiction to keep
And now you’re nowhere to be found, I would if I could even lick you off the cold ground, a chemical fascination to which I am now tied and bound
When will you, oh, WILL you swing back around?
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