Where Is She
With everything that life has to offer,
There's so much to be enjoyed,
But the pleasures of sleeplessness I suffer,
Is the one I cannot avoid.

Where is she I've asked the question many times in the past.There has to be an appropriate answer that has depth weight and size, explaining what actually happened. We were in a growing experience, where written rules suggest men, should never cry. I tried to restrain myself, struggling, not to remember, the look in her eyes. It was as if she didn't notice me. Like an invisible man, how could that be. Surprised, when I could not explain how much, I loved her still. So I asked what can I say to change your mind. What was certain and sure, changed into a difficult time, as if climbing without protection, knowing you will ultimately fall. Rejection it felt horrible. Something I hadn't experienced in a long time. I needed something, perhaps, someone to explain. I felt weightless unable to fly, like I have many times in the past. I surrender to her my freedom. Now rejected I imagine my wings were broken. I was extremely emotional. Believing when I met her that she was my soulmate. Someone I could trust. Someone I thought I should love. Where is she.
© Daniel Mason