Screaming anger (short ver. of "Who is the moon?")
Dear moon, always there for me when I need someone I don't have.


A vault to my secrets

-Stop, don't say anything!-

The moon sees everything and don't care
Brings tsunamis and don't care
It's an aftermath of it's existens
Not their fault

-Can't you see who you're talking about?-

What if it did care?

-Oh love, I pitty you.-

How can something so cold-hearted be forgiven?
Because It can't control what happened.

-Don't do this to yourself.-

There's nothing to forgive.
It doesn't know.

-It doesn't matter!-

Even knowing this I still treat it like a loved one.

-Can't you feel your own pain!?-
-I'm here!-

Talking to the moon is not logical
I sometimes do it for my sanity

-There's no sanity in this!-
-This need shouldn't bring pain!-

It's a selfish therapy for the mind.

-No please stop! you're not the problem!-
-Let me out!-

The moon is just the stand-in for a teddy bear

-No don't close down!-
-Please let me out!-
-Just scream!-

We throw our love at them.
Telling ourselves they love us back.
Of course without proof.

© Oliver Everheart