walking on eggs.
Is stepping on eggs even a burden to those with no heart?

I was walking myself home , in a silence where none other than my thoughts reign and realised that I was walking quite slowly..like I was " walking on eggs ".
In a instance I felt like this statement isn't relatable to everyone .

If you don't have a heart why would you care about crushing those eggs , you would come to think they aren't even real yet , it's just liquid in a shell right , might as well walk with your own pace and not care .

For if you have a heart you'd think that those little things are precious and full of life so you'd walk with care and vigilance.

What's the difference anyway? You're still walking.
If your attention was to not crush them into dust why even approach them.

See ? Aren't we all a little evil...first I thought I was cruel to think that they are just shells but if I really cared why even believe that stupid statement ?
Or was I foolish and caring enough to write about it..

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