Unconditional Love
~Incomparable in every way
you look ravishing every day
no matter what others will say
to me you look a pretty mermaid of clay

~ As much as you admired me
the ways those blue eyes look at me
Even the world is against me
I know you will always be with me

~When you laugh it sounds like music
when you smile even sunrays fade
your unfurled hair do mischief in air
your personality is so inspiring , that's the way of life

~ Your voice is my charm
this little mermaid in your arm
all the happiness you bring
to me you are my aqua king

~You never told me
that you are afraid of night
as i would burn myself
to give you light .

~ Nights used to haunt me
But you became my guide
I wanted to shout and say
Please be by my side

~You never told me
that you love being quite
as i would fight a big crowd
to make them go void

~You were the one
to understand my quiteness
in a crowd you holding my hands
was enough for my happiness

A beautiful conversation between Two Lover who used to think their love was one sided!! But turns out they both always secretely Loved Eachother!!!

So guysss!! Never be afraid to take a chance with you Love and Feelings!!
You never know what a beautiful relationship awaits for you:)

A poem by none other than your own poets
"Deja and @potassiumdichromate "

It was nice collabing with you @potassiumdichromate ...
Hope we will collab for more creative ideas and poems!!✨✨✨

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