In a realm where whispers dance with grace.
A land of dreams and magic takes its place.
Imaginary tales unfold like a waltz of delight.
With peppermint sticks and taffy pure and white.
The air is solemn a mysterious hue.
As the clock's gentle strokes paint the view.
Half past two when time surrenders its reign.
And the universe whispers secrets in refrain.
Enchanted souls gather their spirits alight.
In this mystical realm where day turns to night.
For here reality merges with fantasy's crest.
Leaving souls longing forever impressed.
Oh how they yearn for more thirsting for the tale.
As this mystical sonnet weaves its magical veil.
Leaving all souls lost in a world beyond their own.
Where imagination reigns and wonders are sown.
So let your spirit soar embrace the mystic's call.
As this sonnet enchants captivating one and all.
With grace upon this space the words intertwine.
Leaving the ones captivated wanting for more divine.

© Just_T_Baby