The Path of Rebillion
A twisted road,
A rebellious journey,
A challenging code,
Towards life's journey.

The road ahead, it twists and turns,
A journey that my heart yearns,
To break away, to be set free,
From the chains that bind me.

The code of life, it's hard to crack,
But I won't give up, I won't look back,
I'll take the path less traveled by,
And rebel against the norms that tie.

I'll climb the mountains, cross the seas,
Find my own truth, and live my dreams,
The journey may be long and tough,
But I won't stop, I'll be rough.

I'll dance in the rain, sing out loud,
Embrace the chaos, break the crowd,
I'll face the challenges, take the hits,
And rise up high, never to quit.

For life's a tourney, a battle to win,
And I'll fight till the very end,
The path of rebellion, my chosen way,
For it's the only road, where I can truly sway.
© Laks