When the world feels like it's against you,
And your dreams seem too hard to pursue,
It's easy to fall into a state of despair,
And let negativity consume you like a snare.

But you must remember, my dear friend,
That the power to create your own end,
Lies within the depths of your heart and mind,
And the thoughts and beliefs you choose to find.

So, when you feel like giving up and in,
And you're tempted to let your doubts win,
Pause and take a deep breath, my friend,
And let positivity be your new trend.

Instead of focusing on all that's wrong,
Shift your attention to where you belong,
To the possibilities and opportunities that await,
And the blessings that come with each new date.

Don't let the fear of failure hold you back,
Or the naysayers' words be your attack,
For you are the captain of your own ship,
And the master of your own destiny trip.

Believe in yourself and your potential,
And let your dreams be your credential,
For every step you take towards your goal,
Is a victory that will make you whole.

Don't let negation rule your life,
Or the opinions of others cause you strife,
For you have a unique purpose to fulfill,
And a destiny to reach with your own will.

So, rise up and let your light shine,
And let your spirit soar like a feline,
For you are capable of achieving anything,
When you let positivity be your wing.

Believe in the power of your thoughts,
And the miracles that each day has brought,
For every moment is a new chance,
To create a life of joy and romance.

Don't let negation hold you down,
Or the darkness of the world make you frown,
For you are a warrior of the light,
And your spirit is too strong to take flight.

So, let your heart be your guide,
And let your soul be your pride,
For every challenge is a chance to grow,
And every setback is a chance to glow.

Believe in yourself, my dear,
And let your spirit shine bright and clear,
For the world needs your unique gift,
And your light is too bright to be adrift.

Don't let negation define your life,
Or the doubts and fears cause you strife,
For you are a masterpiece in the making,
And your potential is too great for the taking.

So, rise up and let your spirit soar,
And let your heart be your core,
For every moment is a precious gift,
To create a life of purpose and uplift.
© ItsArnold

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