I Come from nothing!
I come from nothing;
but, my life story so far isn’t one without base.

For to live; is to acknowledge my privileges and support systems, no matter how minute they may seem.

Ever since I became the flag bearer of my life, I have seen myself wading through making life choices- some turned out fine, some didn’t.

But I owned all of them.
All the wins and mistakes.

There are moments I do not often talk about the challenges in the present, including this previous year that really really shook the four walls of my being.

But amidst all of those challenges in the previous age was a reassurance that I will not halt my life for anything or anyone.

It was my willful refusal to be just an average being but to further brand my years of knowledge and skills in academia.

It was me hitting almost 4.5 CGPA in my ongoing degree program.

It was me shunning modesty, and being an all round performer in the office, and the classroom.

It’s me pushing for the better and holding onto optimism about the next phase of my life, same optimism that keeps me going!

And so I rise, I dream, I push, I fight, I persevere, I struggle, I try out of nothingness!

© jk writes!