"..walk in my shoes.."

Every soul that passed this gate,
said it felt as though it was fate.
I dare those to wear my shoes. Look at the sores on my feet.
They look worn but are solid as concrete.
Eyes are constantly watching so it's not like you can cheat.
Go ahead, try them on. I'll take a seat.
Five minutes? You look beat.
You thought it would be a treat.
You thought the laces and colour would come out neat.
Taking them off already? You don't want to repeat?
Now you know why I went with Pete?
Despite all the assumptions
and disruptions
I can't even fathom defeat.
That word doesn't exist.
Just an aftermath to my enemies that are now digging out of an abyss.
Your feet hurt, don't they? I see you scraping off a cyst.
I think you are now starting to speak with a lisp.
Only my enemies know defeat.
Covered in something that resembles beets.
No codes to cheat.
I'm in the category of the elites.
You soe what you weap.
So run for cover because I go by Sniperscreep.
Believe in me and take the leap.
Like Russel says, " I'm smart. not cheap"
My enriched soul I will forever keep.
My mannerism is contagious for it tends to seap.
My words are deep
and will definitely make you weep.
I'm far from perfect. I'm working on being neat.
My way of living is humble and set in concrete.
Staying connected to my blueteet.(word to mother)
Like the king. Making everyone united would be a treat.

© venkatjamespersaud