I need you now.
Reign down on me melodies from heaven.
Fix me now that I am broken.
Heal my mind so that I may recall love.
I wait at the door.
Searching for you to save my life from the dark, I hope as a needle in a haystack you'll find me lying for you.
Love, why are you gone so far away?
I mean no harm to you, I just want to lye in your cloud of enthusiasm.
Whenever your dreams come true, and you conquer the best of both worlds.
Family and work, I want to be there under your umbrella for the rain.
I need you now.
Give into me.
Don't forget about the time you first held me up in your arms.
Your third love affair, account payable to me.
I don't think I want to be free.
I practiced the lines a thousand times, until I had them memorized.
The issue of love.
I need to know your love.
Don't scream anymore.
I think of you alongside the lifeless water.
In sunburn,I am roasting in the summer microwave, as I'm roasting in your memories of your love.
I want you.
I was just making up for love.
I don't know much more about such a prosperous place.
Behind the veil, a little bird I rely on to take care of me and wage of you.
I think I can be influential for you to know that it's a sign of high hopes and dreams to fulfill your love.
I want to know what love is.
Show me.
I was just thinking of you.
I want to be everywhere you are; your number one topic in your essay.
Can I be with you and overstay until I become satisfied with your love?
I want to watch you, like you're only mine.
An imagination that won't suppress under holy thoughts.
There's something else in my heart I need to say.
I think that I should start by saying I really want to see you, and you are so beautiful, now that you have gotten my attention.
I really think that I am in love with you.
Love, I'm interested in you, because there's just some queerieness in your hands.
Oh, yeah! I don't know if you can witness me reaching out for your love.
How I can fathom the fandom of your worshippers all day, my fingers tied, I don't mind being your dessert.
Save a little room for more of me later, but I really want to make your best love.
Because being in this corrupt madness of the single life, can grow old enough to make living regretful, using broken parts and pieces as the blunt murder instrument of a murder trial, so love.
How are you doing?
Tell me what is it that you have in mind?
I'm not going anywhere without your ingenious.
See I've been around you for way too long.
Nothing feels right when you're not around.
Oh, love.
Love me now.
I'm going to love you now.
Don't wait for tomorrow to give me my flowers.
I'm going to love you now.

Authorship by Mr Dashaun Rashod Snipes
©Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes

© All Rights Reserved