A dark home in the grave!
Petrified to the trifling insects

And reptiles

The bites and the stings

How will I endure

Among these venomous serpents

My place lies

I have to decay and die

The bosom friend they will carry to sod

Finally I have to rest under soil

When I will be lead to the for the last bath

And shroud my wet body

Then I have to meet the dust

The grave open mouthed waiting

To the grave I will be handed over

I have to live all alone

When I will be laid to the inside the grave

The people will forget

Everyone will be depart

Eventually I have to live terrified

When the angles will question me

Of my deeds and affairs

In the casket they will take me away

I will scream and wail silently

Numb body and trembling fears

I will live by all alone

When inside the grave I will be

Cover me with a handful of dust

I have to live in the dark room!

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