Down the Drain
Drenched , without a drain

Calm , come calmness

Welcome the mid year rain.

Late bloomer, hear my plea

As late as the sunshine

When clouds are blocking it.

Soaked , without a drain

Here , my heart , questioned

Left insane.

Part , part of it is healed

The other - real

Real damaged , shaped by fear.

Listen , when resilience has

The vowels of silence

And its consonants are the same.

Heed, not hid

Resilience goes with the flow

With the paper boat heading the drain.

No one can see

As it rushes down the holes

Where no one can hear the paper boat

As it tears, kinda melts, slowly.

Now smashed, flooded , underground

Drowned , undercity

Paper boat , gradeshool sheet

Of lines of blues and reds.

Written are colored letters of resilience

And young heart's wishes.

© Versifiable
paintint by Mike Barr