Beyond the bars
In chains I wore my sorrow's weight,
A prisoner of fate, in darkest state.
But in the depths of despair's cold night,
A spark of hope ignited, shining bright.

Through bars of steel and walls of stone,
My spirit soared, and I was made to atone.
The darkness taught me to seek the light,
And in the silence, I found my inner might.

With every breath, I claimed my right,
To rise above the shackles of endless night.
And as I walked the path of inner peace,
My heart broke free, my soul released.

The chains that bound me fell away,
As freedom's dawn illuminated a new day.
I emerged, reborn, with a heart full of cheer,
A phoenix risen, with no fear.

For imprisonment became my greatest test,
And in its darkness, I found my inner best.
It led me to freedom, and to the light,
That guides me still, through the darkest of nights.
© Rukie vert