I don’t want to do it anymore
If I’m being brutally honest ….
I couldn’t care to live another day
In this world.

Nowhere on earth makes me happy.
I don’t want to be here period.

Nobody has ever or will ever truly get me
& since I know this
I don’t truly care for people

Everybody wants me to sympathize for them
But nobody is ever there for me
So why should I ? Why should I take other peoples burdens & try to lessen them knowing it could break me?
I don’t want anyone else’s bullshit.
I don’t even want my own.

I don’t want this pain
I’m sick of the life lessons
I’m tired of the lies
I’m over the broken promise
I’m fed up with false hope
I’m through with being burnt out mentally & emotionally.

I want it all to end.

I just want it to end.
© Lizzy MorningStar