She is an armour in the battlefield

© Munashe Mapati

She is like the moon shining high from the sky just to see the earth smile ,
She feeds her heart to the greedy wolves
She watches it bleeds in their hands, chew it till it becomes tasteless
She disperse her soul to offer solitude for those who lost it during their battles of life sentences
She is like a hidden wrapped gift in disguise of a fierce woman,
She allows herself to be swollen and chugged down like a pill to stabilize ones pure madness
She shows no scar yet they are printed inside her shell of kindness
She makes herself a shelter for those who don't have
She allowes herself to be a shield during the battles of others
She walks in a journey full of broken souls that begs for her attention
She is the light for both demons and angels
Demons are just people to her as she became the Master of them
She wields hell on the other hand there is heaven
In darkness she finds herself and it's mysteries
She tames it till the dark starts to glow
She was born for it
She always fight so hard yet so tough
Broken souls and her are like a sword and a scabbard
She feeds in the black ocean of others worries
Yet it always rains the hardest on her why ????