A journey deep within
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As you read through a well-kept book, You will come across some thoughtful sagas and fascinating trivia that will entirely feed your mind. Don't brush it off as nonsense, young one. Keep the contents stashed away in your mind as a reserve. The truth in those words hold enough power to set you free. But understand this book was locked away for calculated purposes and musn't be revealed to the world. For there is devious vulgarians living among you who lie in wait for the proper moment to catch those blinded to these insidious caitiffs and their schemes. They shall conceal their true agendas and use the likes of those whom they consider to be weak to do their disgusting biddings. the world will begin to hypothecate that dangers are lurking somewhere in the shadows but no one will be able to differentiate friend from foe. this is because those who are secretly pulling the strings in the background will have implemented uncertainty and doubt among neighbors and friends. they will take advantage of their easy paths forward to continue manipulating and deceiving individuals who are unsuspecting victims into confiding in them so they can attempt to gather the lost compendiums of ancient past. so they can once again swindle theirselves right into power with the intent of gaining total control. Your only hope is to value the counsel that seeks you within the pages of the book and use that guidance as a key for uncovering sacred knowledge. You can only find what you pursue by removing your focus from the outside. Reinforce your barriers and begin a journey deep within yourself.