Jesus my Lord and Savior
Your our my friend my only friend I can turn to when things are so rocky in my life
You died for me and others for our sins when we don't deserve it or you I couldn't turn to anyone but you though the tough time in my life and you pick me out of the darkness brought into the light
when I was left feel emptyness and left and depression and feel like their no one who care but you came to show me that you love was true and no one can compare to u Jesus my Lord and Savior I love u through it all when enemy beat down and try to kick me when I'm down and try to break my smile and turn my life and to darkness I know that you will shelter me through the mist of all the pain Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior I need u more each day I beg you to help me with my doubt and with my faith and the challenge and obstacles that Im facing each step of the way . I promise I will continue praising you and glorifying your name each every day . Jesus Christ my Lord Savior I love u and need you more than you know .