"One" Can't Move A Mountain

To pacify a friends' emotionally disturbed heart, To handle the twists and turns of life, We have to try to lend a hand and help each other out, Because living alone is like holding the edge of a knife.
We don't know where the world might take us to, at times we might not know what to do, but with a friend around we can have a clue, to make it right as due.
Two heads are better than one, what will be the value of the sky without the moon and sun, every person needs a better way, to make the hay, no one can move a mountain, without a support, from a right source.
A pen can't do without a book, rice without salt and magi can't make a cook, Guitar without a player, can't make a sound, togetherliness, is far preferred than loneliness..

© Aniedi Victor David