I was just wondering
How possibly I did ignore those markers?
You are good, undoubted
Kind and wonderful
But sweeping me off my feet?
Well, I might have been drunken
With a wine so sour
So a tastier wine
Could be yearned
I shrugged off any negativity
I was assertive
it was meant to be
And then we sailed
On a sea I was unsure of
Days and weeks
Then uncertainties began to rise
My butterflies died better still drowned
A sea bittersweet
A sea of chocolate and milk
And Vernonia Amgdalina
But I was blinded
With something I couldn't fathom
And we danced to tunes
Waves, storms
Hurricanes? You have no idea
Then this was it?
I called out to you
I yelled, screamed, whispered
it was vain
And here we are
why call me mi linda princesa
When I wasn't
So it's a start over.

© Essie