Salacia's Neptune
Oh dear lord, why in such agony
Let me lead you to, the world of our fantasy.

Why cry for the heat, sitting on the edge
No one else to muddle, our world we should fledge.

Why lament over pressure, saying you can't breathe
Look the sparkles of your rings, shining all over me.

Why dishearten for your coldness, wondering why it's you
The touch makes me shudder, of your hands icy-blue.

Why wait for the warmth and the sun to be kind
Let's drink each other, in your hazy twilight.

Why call yourself a shell, and that too empty
Your wild inferno, turns me back to of twenty.

Why stare at that one moon, the planet is all wrong
You have so many more, they can sing you different songs.

Why you look so gloomy, for those earthly beings
Your pull is too much for them, that's why you have me.

Why, lord Neptune, you don't hold my hand for once
Your Salacia, in your waters, will show you your brilliance.

© bani745