Pulled From My Place..
Having to deal with a challenge within, something that is hard to address, and you are not sure where to begin. Pen down a poem for the same.

Smiling with no hint of pain, no hint of shame
I laugh, I love, and I live
But one day, that fateful day
We decided to play hide 'n seek
But when you sought me out
Your methods were misused
You touched you pulled
You lied, and I wished to curl up and die

Smiling with only pain, only shame
I cry, I hide, and I lie
But one day, that peaceful day
You walked over smiled and held my hand
You found me, cared for me, showed me no disgust
Your methods helped me through this horrible mess
You laughed, you smiled, and you stayed by my side
You spoke with honesty, and I showed you all my demons

© Akki42