They don't know
I laugh at everything
But I also cry for nothing
I don't sleep for an hour
And I wake up tired

I go into the sea
Without even knowing how to swim
And in my bed I spill
That water that doesn't let me breathe

I tell everyone that I love them
But I don't tell myself that I love me

I go out looking for someone to shelter me
Although deep down inside
I know that the only calm is me

The whole world knows me
The whole universe knows me from head to toe
And my very darkness watches me
Not knowing who I am

The storm falls when someone embraces me
And when they don't
I laugh pathetically
At the bitter taste
Of loneliness

I'm on the road
Of broken glass
And yet I keep on dancing
While my feet are stained red

They know how much it hurts
They understand me
But they keep looking the other way
© By...Pao