Water is life and death
compound of hydrogen and oxygen,
a natural resources in liquid form.

Water is life;
blessed with many advantages,
it serves as habitat for acquatic animals,
it makes animals and humans equal,
because they both drink it.

Water is vital for all life;
it is used for drinking,
for cooking,
for bathing,
for washing,
for swimming,
water resort is also formed from water,
infact, water is life.

Water is death;
full of disadvantages,
it kills but doesn't have hands,
it kills our acquatic animals,
water pollution can directly kill acquatic organism,
contaminated water causes diseases,
such as cholera, typhoid and fever in humans system.

Water causes drowning accidents,
people drowns and dies in less than 3 minutes,
infact, water is death.

"H2O is life and death"

© Uswat Omotayo