Sunset Serenade

When the sky is gray, it's going to rain,
When the sky is bright, everything's going to be alright,
When the sky is clear,
I hope things that are meant for you,
When the sky gets dull,
I hope to hide.

There are some tears,
And some silent cries,
that are painted in the dawn and,
When the sun starts to rise,
The happiness blooms,
like golden rays of light.

When the sun sets
And sky turns purple,
I wish to dance on the
footsteps, with each tune rhymes

When the sky turns pink
I would run across the
tulip fields, up in the skies
I weave dreams,
that makes the constellations of
our endless love.

When the sky turns yellow,
I would smile,
walk through the puddles &
Let my dreams sink into
The universe of what I meant to find.

When the sky turns orange,
I will let the love find you,
Hold your hand, and together
We will embrace upon the night
Sky, the diamonds scattered across the
Black velvet with dreams & stories untold

In the heaven this love unfolds
The stars that looked like
scattered moon dust in sky,
That rhymes together to form
A melody that tunes with
The sound of your heart is my eternal summer.

© alpha Stella