Man of Wisdom
Your soothing words are refuge
Your logical love is my air
I gave you all my trust
I'm in my most feminine state

Your sense of protection
Can calm my ever anxious mind
Your vow has me feelin' like
I don't have to fear your every flight

Your absence cannot scare me
You make me secured even when you are away
You return as who you are before
You are not a knight in shining armour

Coz you know how to fight life
Without making it a battle
You know how to win
Each argument without me bleeding

You can fool me that I win
By the way you compromise
You let me shine in every time
You make a sacrifice

My suggestions, you always honor
We win together, we lose together
You are both an independent man
And a dependable partner

You know how to stand up
When right has been bent
You know how to bend
When you are in wrong
My firm gentleman

When wronged
You accept what defeat is
You win
Each time you leap

You lead without a leash
You care, consciously empathic
You drag me right to your zone
A chase I am conscious of

An invite that never felt forced
You know what you want and what to do
I submit under your lead
Wisdom is in you

A poem dedicated to all the married men who are a safe refuge for their women & children. Written from the lens of each and every emotionally secured woman. 🥰👏💙

© Versifiable