The Light
2:6.9 Facing the world of personality, God is discovered to be a loving person; facing the spiritual world, he is a personal love; in religious experience he is both. Love identifies the volitional will of God. The goodness of God rests at the bottom of the divine free-willness – the universal tendency to love, show mercy, manifest patience, and minister forgiveness.

The Light
We’re going to have a warming trend.
We’ll see the 90’s once again.
But overall, the weather’s changing.
The Fall that’s coming will be amazing!

The end of Summer comes this week.
Love and beauty we all seek.
Every season has its beauty.
Adventure calls us all for duty.

Our duty is to do our best.
Throughout this day, do nothing less!
Be that person deep inside.
The one that does what God designs.

God’s design is based on love.
Your skills at doing can evolve.
Learn loves ways, remake your heart.
As life evolves, you learn your part.

As you walk your path with God,
You’ll find loves ways, the path evolves.
God will shape you in His image.
As we evolve, we become vintage.

Older and wiser if you try.
The change occurs as time goes by.
You become as you direct.
Your decisions have effects.

Thank You, Father, to be like You,
We evolve by what we do.
Love’s the path that leads to Truth.
And love’s the light in what we do!
Paul Anderson

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