Tears of trust
I was filled with fear, fighting
Then I met you
Now fighting is less frightening

You keep me near
Why does it change the fear?

Before you my life felt mislead
Questions turning in my head
- Why am I here?
- What should I do?
- What can I do?

Now I feel less astray
But the questions stay
- Should I be here?
- Is this love?
- What can I do?

Please stay with me
I need you by my side
The picture of you leaving me
It keeps showing in my mind

Please don't leave me
Please don't leave me
I feel broken and alone
Even though your love is so very clear

Even though your love is so very clear
I ask myself
- Am I enough?

I feel broken inside
But I will desperately hide it
Even though you're my bright light
Even though I've tried
I still feel so much fear inside

I hate showing tears and I never do
Still I can't help them around you
A stab at my pride
I cried

My heart is trusting you
These are my wounds, fear and truth
I'm not bulletproof
You said
-Me you will never loose

© Oliver Everheart