I'm trying to figure out the best way to vent about my life
Without sounding ungrateful, cause I promise I'm thankful.
Every breath I take is a gift, every sunrise a new chapter,
But shadows linger in the corners of my heart, whispering doubts.

I wear a smile, a shield against the world's scrutiny,
Yet beneath, a storm brews, seeking an escape.
I don't want to seem ungrateful for the light I've been given,
But sometimes, the weight of it all presses down, heavy and relentless.

My heart aches with contradictions, love mingled with sorrow,
Dreams clashing with reality, hopes with fears.
I whisper my thanks to the stars each night,
Even as tears carve silent paths down my cheeks.

How do I share the battles I fight in the silence of my mind,
Without casting a shadow on the blessings I've received?
How do I express the loneliness that creeps in,
Without dismissing the love that surrounds me?

I'm grateful, truly, for every kindness, every moment of joy,
But I'm also human, fragile and flawed, seeking balance.
I walk a tightrope between gratitude and the need to release,
Hoping you'll understand the delicate dance of my heart.

So, I speak my truth, trembling yet sincere,
In this tapestry of gratitude and grief intertwined.
I promise, I'm thankful for this life, despite the tears,
Just trying to find a way to be heard, to heal, to breathe.
© Karischyoma