" I feel like running away. Away from everything. Away from it.
I am slowly drowning into a deep ocean of emotions that's confusing me and making me it's own....
Its lurking in the dark ,hiding from everyone but me, slowly dragging me to its own world making me blind with its darkness.
It's pulling me like a magnet with a force into its trap with a voice a siren... but no one hear but me.
It's slowly trapping me with its arms with no room to breath making me breathless leaving sweat behind... pulling me closer than ever into its arms making me trapped.
Its slowly sucking my emotions leaving nothing to feel but fear making me trembling and weak....making me fall.
It's making my words stuck in my throat harshly leaving nothing but bruises and making me once again breathless.
It's dragging my hands hugged by chains pushing harshly to the ground leaving me with tears to unravel its final verdict.
It's who is close to me, it's who is making me helpless,
It's who is heard by many.
It's who is confusing my soul with its darkness like a demon.
It's who is my shadow
......................... It's pain".