Nothing more
But a dirty ass whore
All I have
Is to give
Diseases and abscesses
Crack head
White trash
This is a current condition of mine
Makes one want to turn on flip of a dime
All I wanted was someone to hear me
Wanted someone to love this
This is all I want
Since I lost my sanity
Lost all clarity
No one knows this fight
I will never get it right
Don't tell me this isn't how I feel
And that this isn't real
I know I've lost a lot
Lost sight of what means the most
This is the way of life
What's it going to be at the ultimate cost?
Life means nothing now
List those reasons why I need to be here
Don't know my vision of what i once was
I write lines
I sniff lines
Started talking to you
But you got up and walked off
Making me feel some type of way
And now your living a new day
And im at the bottom of a 6 foot grave

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