To be a Poet
To be a poet is to wrestle with time
In the digital age, where words don't chime
The poet's lament in a world so vast,
Do my verses linger, or vanish fast

A poetic conquest, a rhythm’s climb
To find words that can rhyme with time
How tiresome it can be, to live the days of my youth
Writing poems in my empty suit, and whispers of bygone truth

In the corridors of dental lore, I tread
A broke entrepreneur, dreams yet to be fed
Amid textbooks and drills, life's heavy chime
My solace found in verses, this escape sublime

Entrepreneurial dreams in a student's guise
In the world of molars and incisors, where time flies
Bills pile high, dreams tucked in a rhyme
To be a poet, my refuge in life's paradigm

In scrubs and loans, a young entrepreneur's plight
Dental drills may hum, but my heart seeks to write
I navigate the grind, a poetic mime
In the silent spaces between each line

To be a poet, where ink meets the page
A sanctuary sought in a scholar's cage
Broke, but rich in the verses I climb
In the echoes of stanzas, where dreams align

A dance of cadavers and financial stress
Yet, in poetry's arms, I find my rest
To pen the struggles, the journey's clime
In the verses crafted, a personal paradigm

Bridging the gap between roots and verse
An entrepreneur's struggle, a tale diverse
To be a poet, in hardship's paradigm
A resilient spirit, an echoing rhyme

Through the maze of dental anatomy
An entrepreneur's quest, a poetic odyssey
To be a poet in the pockets of time
Weaving dreams in an entrepreneurial rhyme

In the quiet corner of the world, I tread
To be a poet, where solitude is widespread
The pen, my companion in the silence loud
In the poetry's struggle, my verses shroud

A small crowd gathers, a modest embrace
Eager listeners in this poetic space
Yet, the hardships echo in each rhyme
In the verses penned, a solitary climb.

The chaos of the business world, a relentless spin
Yet, in the stillness of poems, I find kin
To be a poet, where emotions enthrall
In the verses crafted, let the barriers dissolve

The bottom line, a numerical quest
But in poetic realms, I seek rest
To be a poet, beyond the business sprawl
In the inked pages, where aspirations install

I yearn for a different stage
Trading profit margins for the poet's page
To be a poet, where dreams don't pall
In the verses written, heed the heart's call

In the balance of profit and poetic grace
I contemplate a different embrace
To be a poet, not just a corporate thrall
In the rhythmic dance of words, I stand tall

So, in the boardroom's hum and the market's sway
As an entrepreneur, I dream of a poetic display
To be a poet, let the verses enthrall
In the midst of business, let the poet stand, not fall

And here I am in my dim light room
A solitary soul, a quiet cocoon
Wondering when I will bloom
In the silence, where shadows loom