Does happiness really exist?
I'm starting to doubt,
Sadness I must resist,
Dark days is what my life's about,
I want to be happy,
I just can't seem to find it,
Maybe I suffer abnormalities,
My sadness is consistent,
I've had moments of happiness,
Over as quick as they came,
More often I experience dreariness,
I try not to complain,
I must focus on the positive,
Refrain from thoughts that end in tears,
Rise above anything thing that ends with resentment,
Our lives could turn upside down in an instant,
Don't live in regret,
Say what you mean,
You mustn't fret,
Stay in the present,
The past needs to stay there,
If you want to have a future,
Never compare,
Stay in the present and appreciate what it has to offer.
© Mkirby