Darkness and Light
The slow encapsulating darkness,… the sinking feeling so slow you can’t see it happening,… your eyes adjust to the darkness, your body used to the cold, every now and then you look up and realize you can see the surface less and less your trying to swim but something is dragging you down, you swim, you rest, you swim, you rest, you give up, you swim again. You fight your way up and sometimes your head is above the water sometimes you float before being dragged back down again, sometimes it’s tempting to let it take you under… to make peace with the darkness… as if it is comforting to be too tired to swim and let yourself be tired,… to drown… But never was I the type to drown I was the type to fight over and over and find the light in the darkness sometimes it’s just hard. It feels impossible but I promise you it’s not. One day you’ll find the strength to swim so far you’ll reach land a beautiful beachy sunny island
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