A Sailor's Love
A man of love and passion
Just a noble sailor in fashion
A lover of the sea
She's the only one I want to see

My life, my love
My heart, my sea
You are the dream that came to me
You are the only one that I want to see

The tides of the raging sea
So high and mighty they may be
When will I see her beauty
My heart only belongs to the sea

Who am I to seek for love
The sea only offers its violent shove
But her beauty is like the stars from above
When shall I see my love

I thought I was a man
Someone who can hold the sea
Just a boy with dreams and ambition
To live his life serving his nation

I have fallen in love with the sea
Of her raging waves and violent winds
Her peace and beauty
Her depth and mystery

I am not afraid to be broken
For my heart has already spoken
I want to love a girl
The way I love the sea

Only a raging sea
Can set a sailor free
A cage of hope
With a hanging rope

I want to get away
To leave and see another day
When will I be free
From the hands of the sea

I ran, I ran
Sailed, and Sailed
Away from the eyes of the sea
Wondering when will I be free

No matter how far I go
The sea will always find me
Alone in the cage in the depths of the sea
Please let me go, leave me be

The rope is my only hope
With all these stress I cannot cope
All alone with no one to see
In the dark cave of the sea

This will be my last
For my life has passed
A slave of the sea
Only death can set me free

This is my goodbye
For those who watched me die
Without a clue to return when
I will be gone again